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Stupid people shouldn’t be in relationships

I will preface this with the fact that I believe all people become more stupid when they enter into a relationship. Why? Because relationships require a fine balance of head and heart. Sometimes it’s hard to bring rational thought into an emotional minefield. But still, relationships cause some of the most blatent acts of stupidity […]

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I watched a documentary on Tibet the other day, I wanted to write about it because it’s something that’s really close to my heart. It’s called Tibet: Cry of the Snow Lion. I got it off of Netflix. It’s an amazing movie, with interviews from people from Tibet and people who have seen the history […]

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Stupid People Shouldn’t Rock!

So I was browsing through blogs (blurfing as Mary Horn calls it), and I found this fun new toy on the blog that’s renting some space to me. It’s a blog music player – I added some of my favorite music (they don’t have a ton, but I’m a huge fan of a lot of […]

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Music is good for my soul

So one of my favorite singers is Jason Mraz. My other favorite singer is Kevin Max. I’ve been in a casual friendship with Erick Cole (Kevin’s guitarist)…. who recently has become friends with… *drum roll* Jason Mraz. So Erick played at Schuba’s on the 5th and said, “did you know that Jason’s playing here in […]

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