There are some rules to this.

* Does not have to be a show currently airing
* No puppets or cartoons
* No reality show people
* All characters must be regulars on the show
* No mini-series

Constable Benton Fraser – Due South. Honestly, he’s one of my ideal
(never gonna find) men. He’s sweet, kind and can kick a lot of bad guy
butt. Did I mention very sexy?

2. Jarod – Pretender. Amazingly
mysterious, but has a kid-like quality which makes him funny and very
enjoyable. He’s smart, helps the underdog and looks really good doing

3. Ms. Parker – Pretender. Killer attitude, great outfits… strong woman with problems like everyone else.

Calleigh Duquesne – CSI Miami – the ballistics expert. She’s hot, she’s
got a great sense of humor and she can handle a gun…

5. Nick Stokes – CSI. Always seems to be behind the pack.. and that makes him very adorable.

Monk – Monk. If Sherlock Holmes had OCD – he’d be Monk. No, i you
combined a nuerotic, germ-a-phobe with Sherlock Holmes and Columbo –
you’d have Monk.

7. Sam Seaborn – West Wing. I loved his
single focused-ness. If you’ve seen the episode where he researches
about eliminating the penny you have a perfect Sam Seaborn moment.

8. Sledgehamer – Sledgehamer. I’m pulling from back in the day – I loved this show…

Captain H.M. “Howlin’ Mad” Murdock – ATeam -the insane genuis. Funny,
insightful and didn’t you just love to see how he could annoy B.A.?

10. Napoleon Solo – The Man from U.N.C.L.E. – Suave, intelligent and steely – (I love Robert Vaughn in anything)… and yummy.

11. Mrs. Emma Peel – the Avengers – If I could be anyone in the world, I’d want to be Emma Peel…

99 – Get Smart – She was able to handle herself fairly well, beautiful
and smart.. and always cleaning up Max’s messes (but still praising him
at the same time). Amazing.

13. Zoe – Firefly – Smart, strong
and the voice of reason… fiercely loyal to her Captain…. and she
can be motherly (just check out her handling of River in the whole
“hair episode”, tending after Shephard Book when he got injured and the
Doc was out getting kidnapped). Plus she gets to deliever the “Big Damn
Heros” line.

14. Nathan Sr. – Six Feet Under. Sure, he’s dead,
but he’s the character that can say whatever he wants, whenever he
wants. He borders on rude… but I love that about him.

Spike – Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Again, another charcter that can say
whatever he wants, but he’s got a soft spot (and doesn’t mind letting
people see it). Big bad teddy bear… everything I love about the
duality of people.

16. Indiana Jones – the Young Indiana Jones
Chronicles. I mean, come on…. what’s not to love about Indiana Jones
as a young man… losing his virginity to
Mata Hari?

Clair Hanks Huxtable – strong, beautiful and able to keep her family
from tearing each other apart. A career mom who seemed to always
balance it all and still wind up feeling like a treasure in her
husband’s eyes.

18. Dr. Mark Sloan
– Diagnois Murder. Not to steal from Joss’ list, but I love this
character. I mean, he’s right up there with Jessica Fletcher… kindly,
funny and able to put facts together easily. Not too proud of himself
or his talents and a very proud father.

19. Speaking of Jessica
Fletcher – it’s my ambition in life to be like Jessica Fletcher when I
grow up (since I can’t be like Emma Peel)…. except for friends dying
wherever I go.

20. (Star Trek time) Uhura – I like her character
because she’s never quite in the mix of danger, but she still is a
vital part of the action. Plus, she broke so many sterotypes… strong,
beautiful and essential.

21. Data – Star Trek Next Generation –
I was always a Data fan. I found his inner path to humanity
fascinating, plus his humor was excellant (Ode to Spot… come on…
that’s fricking hilarious). Then he found kindship to Sherlock Holmes
and I adored him forever.

22. Dr. Julian
Bashir – DS9. I liked Julian, that kind of stumbling social way he had
about him – then to find out he’s a off-the-chart genuis. As a kid I
related in some ways because I always felt too smart for the kids I
hung out with – and I hated having to “hide” my intelligence.

23. Captian
Janeway – Voyager. This is a sore spot for me because I hate that they
messed with her character so much. She was great when she was strong,
self-reliant and interested in things like diVinci and the hollodeck.
Switching her back and forth too much I think killed the series.

24. Sherlock Holmes – (Jeremy Brett’s Granda Series) – Do I even have to explain this one?

25. McGuyver – McGuyver… I mean, come on.. the guy’s character has a verb out of his character….

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