You were homeschooled?

I was homeschooled from K-12th grade. I’m very proud of the fact, but it’s not something that comes up with every person I know. Somehow, though, the topic of highschool memories comes up and I usually make some quip like, “my highschool football team won every game it ever played.”

When I get the bizarre stares I grin and say, “I was homeschooled.”

This usually meets with confused and bizarre stares. These turn to uncomfortable stares and people usually don’t know what to say. I might has well have said I grew up in a cult or I’m a direct descendant of Jesus. It’s amusing to me, but sad too. As time goes on, more and more people seem to embrace the idea of homeschooling as a part of culture. And yet, there’s still that element of “freak” associated with being homeschooled.

It’s not something I mind horribly. In addition to being a homeschooler, I’m a bit of a geek, so “freak” is something I’m used to being labeled as. I’m not sure why though. Is it simply because I was taught by my parents rather than in a classroom of my peers? Do we judge people based on their abnormality to ourselves?

It’s strange, but I think it’s more uncomfortableness than judgment that people have. When they find out they’re not sure what to say. There’s no common ground for conversation. The only real option they have is to ask questions or change the subject.

I don’t mind their uncomfortableness, I’m happy to be a real example of what a product of homeschooling looks like – rather than the sterotype. It does bother me sometimes, but in the end I’m proud of my past.

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