Oh the joys of being a cat owner…

I love my cats. I really really do. But sometimes, like children, they can get on your last nerve. Last night and today seem to be “really frustrate our owner day” for all of them. Currently Myboyfriend and M’lady have a house guest in the form of my sister’s cat: Tigger. So between all three of them they can keep me on my toes.

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Tigger is the least offensive of the feline offenders, but can still be pretty annoying sometimes. He’s big on the snuggling which is fine, but he’s 16lbs. So walking all over me can get a bit painful. Last night I was watching TV and I get stepped all over. Now, the major problem is that I’m laying on my very small loveseat and he wants to lay on the pillow too. Ergo, I have fur in my face and a very heavy-hard-to-get-off cat. I move him to a more comfortable position on my side and where does he go? Back for the face. Finally I put him on the ground.

M’lady is next. She’s a sneaky one. She has no regard for my laptop computer and likes curling up nextto/ontop of part of the keys which makes typing a pain. Then, while I was writing something, she hits the delete key. Ode to joy.

Myboyfriend is probably the king of the offenders, it’s probably his age. Tigger is 9, M’lady 12, and he’s only 3. He seems to have a knack for finding the only thing in the room that makes annoying noises when he plays with it. Sometimes when I’m recording a podcast episode he will meow the entire time, when I stop – he’s quiet. Other times he find it fun to jump on my feet while I’m sleeping and chase them.

All in all, I love my cats. I love that they’re all pretty snuggly and most mornings I wake up with one or more of them sleeping with me. They’re fun and adventersome and give me great stories to tell. Just somedays… you wonder why you didn’t become a pet rock kind of person.

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