Yay for homeschoolers!

There’s been a lot of news in recent history about colleges embracing homeschoolers and making it easier for them to attend. When I went to Moody I had to take BOTH the SAT and the ACT (while traditional students just had to take the SAT). If I thought that was a hurdle, a lot of other homeschoolers had doors shut in their face.

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According to this article:

The University of California system is known for being tough on nontraditionally schooled applicants. For them, the best ticket to UC has been transferring after taking community college classes or posting near-perfect scores on college entrance exams.

‘For homeschoolers, it was basically a shut door for us because of the restrictions,’ Sample said.

Now the trend is changing:

Last fall, however, UC Riverside joined a growing number of colleges around the country that are revamping application policies to accommodate homeschooled students.

I’m really excited about this for two reasons, one it gives more credibility to the homeschooling as a valid life choice and two California is usally the trend-maker for the rest of the states to follow.

Homeschoolers have had to fight stereotypes for too long, especially in the academic world. Somehow the prevailing thought for a long time was that homeschoolers somehow lacking parts or all of their education.

“‘There are a lot of students out there that are very prepared for a college level education,’ she [Merlyn Campos, interim director of undergraduate admissions] said. ‘They are kind of being forced into going into a community college.'”

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    That is unfair on the homeschooled. And it’s disciminatory, is that allowed?

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