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You might be a podcaster if…

I want to create a tshirt for podcasters with a funny list of “you might be a podcaster if…” references. Anyone have some ideas? Like.. You might be a podcaster if… you actually don’t think a “pop filter” is for soda. That was pretty lame.

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I feel like lately I’ve been bursting with things to talk about… but no time to talk about them. Or I don’t think about it when I actually am at a computer. It’s a weird feeling. I have WAY too much to do before this move. Someone hire me a personal secretary. I’m working on […]

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Photographs.. things we save…

Memories are weird things. You can get wrapped up in them. Lost in them. You can forget them, or seemingly forget them, and you can share them. Part of the cleaning, packing and all that for the move brings back a lot of memories. I had one large box of just “scrapbook later” things. Letters, […]

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Adult blues…

This is not a new topic for sure, but one I was discussing with my friend the other night. Being adult sometimes sucks. Don’t get me wrong I like the freedom of eating ice cream for breakfast or staying up and watching the TV programs I *wanted* to watch as a pre-teenager, but there’s just […]

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Text vs. spoken communication

Now, I’ve been online for over… crap over ten years. So I have a good feeling for the difference between text vs. spoken vs. actually in person communication, but sometimes even I can forget the difference. I realized it tonight when talking to my mom. I’ve been really digging the podcast Comedy4Cast. It’s short, hilarious […]

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Media…is my thing.

So, I’ve been working overtime. The site for Buffy: Between the Lines is up. You can hear our very first teaser promo/skit written/edited together by me. The voice actors are one of the writers and her husband and a fellow podcaster. I’m getting pumped to share what people are writing… it’s still a ways off, […]

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My cat is demented.

No seriously, I think he is. For the past week he’s been keeping me up at night. Why? I’m not entirely sure. Cat/human conversations are limited. All I can say is it’s getting really annoying. I want to sleep.

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Kids and media

I read on our wonderful little kiosk screens in the elevator the other day that kids spend more time watching tv than they do read or being read to. Now, while this shouldn’t surprise me – it kind of did. I will agree that TV for kids has grown leaps and bounds. I love shows […]

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I designed this for work. We watch TV during the lunch hour…. Next week we’re doing the “best of Buffy”: click here to see

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Scheaming…. I’m enjoying working on projects again. My latest one is a Buffy audio drama (in podcast form). I have a bunch of writers/editors/etc. and that should be out this fall (that’s what I’m shooting for at least). Now I’m plotting doing a combined video/audio podcast with a totally original story/cast/etc. I am gonna ask […]

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