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Ball of String…

There’s an old folk tale that will sound very familiar to the people who watched Adam Sandler’s movie “Click.” Peter gets a magical ball of string that makes time go faster. The catch? He can’t put it back on he can only take it off. So he starts to use it, fast forwarding through long […]

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No words…

Back when I used to run a blog called “Stupid People Shouldn’t Breed” I had a lot of fun on BlogMad and met a lot of cool people through that site. One of the people I met was NYC Watchdog. I haven’t been keeping up with blogs like I should and I just found out […]

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Firefly in Space!

Snagged from Breaking Atmo: SHINY!

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Daring Daylight Escape…

The above is a song lyric, don’t ask me why but I get random things stuck in my head from time to time. It has, however, absolutely nothing to do with my blog post. Busy people. I believe every one I know is extremely busy. And I applaud them whenever they find a way to […]

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If you haven’t seen Ask a Ninja – you don’t know what you’re missing. Ask a Ninja is a video podcast that is HILARIOUS, relevant and really fun. Well seems to know that podcasting is “in” and hired Ask a Ninja! They’re sponsering his video podcast. AWESOME.

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Tha man who invented HTML should be drug out into the street…

Okay so I’m borrowing from Garfield, (who coincidently turned 29 today) but the fat cat has a point – some people should just be drug into the street and shot. Case in point? The man who invented HTML. Now, I’m not saying that I don’t love the internet and I hate the fact that it […]

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have public schools outlived their usefulness?

There was a very interesting article about the “usefulness” of public schools. I will say it is an opinion piece and I realize that, but the headline itself made me think. The idea of public education isn’t entirely “new” but the idea of private, individualized education is older and more established. I don’t believe homeschooling […]

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There’s a John Mayer song called “Daughters” and the resounding chorus line is “fathers be good to your daughters, daughters will love like you do…” When I opened this post to talk about Father’s Day, the line was stuck in my head. My father has been very good to this daughter. I adore my father. […]

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Open Casting Call for Buffy Between the Lines

Ever wanted to be involved in an audio drama? We now have an open casting call for our original fanfic-audio drama “Buffy Between the Lines”. You don’t really need to know about Buffy the Vampire Slayer (if you want to do a smaller part) to audition! We have a TON of parts – large, small […]

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Ohhh the internets…

So I was channel surfing the other day (this whole “cable television” thing is new and strange since I haven’t had it for awhile myself) and stumbled across a PBS documentary about social networking. Since I’m interested in that I decided to watch, but realized that everyone looked VERY 90’s in the footage. Intregued I […]

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