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Quote of the Day….

“I want to thank Tabz ‘cuz she’s really good at like organizing a lot of people to contribute to a podcast… You know what I mean? Like, she’s umm.. you just really just want to help Tabz. Like any time she asks you to do something… even if you don’t want to do it or […]

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Water water everywhere…

So, I’m a firm believer in social media and networking right? I believe in Twitter, Facebook, and yes.. even Myspace (though I rarely go on there). I’m a blogger, a podcaster, a forum-girl.  I avidly recruit people to the social media world (hey, I got my dad blogging….). So WHY am I still being ridiculed […]

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Virtually friends…

So apparently my body is trying to tell me to slow down. On Monday it crashed hard. I had been feeling sick since Friday but thought it was food posioning or the flu. Sunday I was feeling better, went to church and what not, woke up Monday and started throwing up again. Then, later that […]

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Busy out of my mind…

So I started the new job this week. Of course, with bumping up my schedule at work, that means it came at the absolute busiest time of the audio drama – BBTL. We ended auditions this week and are voting on some of the roles that had multiple *really* good canadates. Plus, the second drafts […]

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Why I officially heart Lemony Snicket and a Series of Unfortunate Events..

‘cuz they make funny, bizaare videos like this:

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You have some weird friends…

I realized the other day that I have a weird mix of friends. Not that that’s bad, it just struck me as interesting. Now, with the college friends and the move to LA, my friends are scattered far and wide, but if I ever got them all in a room together – that would be […]

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Social media what-ing?

I have been avidly involved in the internet since I was about 12. I remember when I first joined the internet culture my dad had gotten AOL and we were connecting at the lightening fast speed of “slower than a turtle”. I often brought a book along with me to wait out the connection and […]

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Yes, I’m a MAC girl…

But this was pretty darn hilarious. I’m an iBook flipper…

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Phil Rossi’s Crescent Station rocks!

Just a note before I go on: the content is for mature audiences only.

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I need an assistant for my social media networks..

So I just joined Pownce, which I’m enjoying – I don’t see it replacing Twitter unless they make an app that can cover all of the different things you can do in IM form. But I am enjoying the ability to send special messages ONLY to certain groups of friends. And the ability to file […]

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