Darn you WORD (and Microsoft)

Warning: this might sound like an elitist MAC oriented rant (‘cuz it is)

I don’t think I’m an extraordinarly hard to please person. I’m a simple kind of girl. I think shopping at Target is a major luxery.

Yet, I want things to work. And work properly.

As many of you who read this know, I’ve been working on the Buffy Between the Lines scripts. In Microsoft Word. The program made for MAC since that’s what I have – a gorgeous MacBook.

Guess how many times Word has decided to CRASH on me?

It brought me back to college – Word on a PC crashed on me often and I’d lose work and have to start over. Even having it save ever minute – I’d have to go back a minute and redo what I had just typed. Short of saving every 5 sec myself manually – there was little I could do.

Now, I do have the Mac program Pages. Which I really love and has not ONCE crashed on me. But the tables export funny in to Word.

Darn you Word.

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