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The Podenstein Monster Will be Unleashed on 9/23/07

(from a press release) Victor Podenstein is a young, handsome, and brilliant doctor. He has a passion for podcasting, but a voice best for a mime. So he goes off to create the perfect podcasting voice. Dr. Podenstein soon finds that his creation has a life of its own. And then things go terribly wrong. […]

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Argh (or why Kathy Griffin inspired me to make a faith-based post)

I’m not really one to keep up with news and media. I found it either made me angry or depressed AND if it was something really important, I’d find out from a friend or loved one. That’s simply to explain why I haven’t written about this yet. I firmly believe in the rights of all […]

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Seth Green is teh awesome..

Warning – the f-word is said in this video: Seth Green Chris Crocker Outtakes Add to My Profile | More Videos

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The power of music..

This song just stopped me in my tracks today…. Better as a Memory – Kenny Chesney Move on like a sinner’s prayer let go like a levee breaks walk away as if i don’t care learn to shoulder my mistakes i’m built to fade like your favorite song I get reckless when there’s no need […]

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Talk Shoe launching a phone service..

This was just too good to pass up. TalkShoe, a service I have used in the past for live “call-in” podcasts. They’ve started a new service call ShoePhone… And I think “Get Smart”. Here’s the press release if you want to know

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Stuck in my head…

I have a song stuck in my head that I can’t get out…. It wouldn’t be too bad but singing “I’m so happy being evillllll….” gets you weird looks.

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DragonCon Update

So I am one of those bloggers who goes to a great event and usually when I come back I can’t write a word. So I’ll write FROM the event to let you know how awesome it’s been – even with some unpleasantness.. So I left Friday morning (California time). The first unpleasantness is our […]

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