DragonCon Update

So I am one of those bloggers who goes to a great event and usually when I come back I can’t write a word. So I’ll write FROM the event to let you know how awesome it’s been – even with some unpleasantness..

So I left Friday morning (California time). The first unpleasantness is our car battery was dead. So we had to call a tow truck. The cool thing with that though is that the tow truck driver was a total scifi and RPG geek! So I gave him one of my Buffy Between the Lines cards. That was cool.

The trip was LONG. Someone seriously needs to figure out a way to cut that time in half. Oh, and I hate Delta. I was so cramped I figured it was good preparation for the crush of DragonCon!

We got in late to Atlanta because of bad weather. So I was worried about getting to everything in time. But I made it. Met Kim athenamuze and Val at our hotel and it was like meeting a long-lost friend. I’ve been having soooo much fun with both of them.

After that we headed to registration and (God is awesome) no long line!

Then it was to the Buffy Horror Picture Show. Meh. It wasn’t as good as the Buffy Sing-Along. And we had more unpeasantness there with the staff – but I’m sure you’ll hear about that on the podcast. Lets just say I didn’t spend $80 to be yelled at like I was a second grader!

Then the Shipper panel. Which was fun, not quite what I expected. It’s hard to do fanfic panels because everyone reads a different “group” of fics. I heavily pimped beer_good_foamy since some people were asking about Buffy Season 8 fanfic. Also had to defend some pairings (like Buffy/Giles) and blew some minds with my “I Ship Everyone” pairings (Mayor/Angel, beer_good_foamy‘s Buffy/Clem… etc.) I even came up with a whole new one that I want desperately to write: Spike/Tribble. PURE CRACK GOODNESS. Kim athenamuze came up with a good one too – the Mayor/Eve (Angel).

Saturday morning we got up for the Buffy Between the Lines meetup and got to meet tvindy (Jinx) and Brian (Giles). That was so cool to see people for real instead of just virtually. We had a fun talk! I’m still jazzed.

After the meetup we headed over to the Con. You can try to prepare yourself mentally for the massive amount of SPACE this Con is in. And I went to ComicCon so I thought I was pretty much okay with everything, but the walking is CRAZY. ComicCon is basically one giant, two story LONGGGGG hall. DragonCon can get a bit like trail hiking. I got autographs from Badger and Shepherd Book (I’m too lazy right now to try and spell everyone’s name right). Kim got to see James Marsters and have a truly fangirl moment. Her Buffy life is complete I think.

Then we had lunch (thanks to Val Tabz got to eat – it was cash only). We ate at the foodcourt/mall thingy and there were NO seats left. You’ve never quite seen anything like a quasi mall covered with geeks in costumes. It’s pretty awesome.

Then we headed to wait for the Spike, Dru, Kate, Chaos demon panel (did I mention I’m too tired to look up everyone’s names and make sure I spelled them right?) That was an experience unto itself.

I will say this for Whedonverse actors – they are the most GRACIOUS people I’ve ever seen. The ones I’ve seen that is. They were all charming, hilarious and I’m sure you’ll hear a recording from Upside Down or Strangely Literal.

After the panel we headed back to the hotel, getting ready for the night. Kim and Val headed out to James Marsters concert and I went to the 2nd Annual Parsec Awards. It was a blast to see some of my favorite podcasts get honored. And I got to meet the Signal and Firefly Talk peeps! Plus Brad and Christina from Podculture. ANDDDDD the Beatnik Turtles who were AMAZINGLY awesome guys. You guys who have heard the BBTL theme song will know how awesome it is and I met the guy who wrote/made it. He was extremely happy that we were happy. Hopefully the guys make it out to the BBTL meetup tonight.

After the Parsec I went with Brad to the Signal LIVE recording. That was so much fun – and I even got interviewed a bit. Check here for the live recording: http://www.dragon-pod.com/blog/

I got to meet so many cool people during the Signal LIVE recording and after. Handed out a ton of CDs and cards.

Then it was Wingin’ It 3D – a podcast our Giles (Brian) is on. I’ve heard Wingin’ It on and off – and those guys are CRAZY. But it was a very very fun show and they raised some more money for the Joe Murphy Memorial Foundation!

THEN.. it was off to Scott Sigler & JC Hutchin’s room for a podcast party. Not as crazy as the night before (which I missed) but fun to talk to fellow podcasters (some of whom listen to my show eep!!) Got my special clone button from JC Hutchins (he asked what my favorite number was) and picked up Barely’s (Barely Podcasting) too.

Then it was to bed because I have a panel this morning. 10am Religion Freaky! Then I hope to catch some of the Radio Adventures of Dr. Floyd which picked up two parsecs yesterday.

Love ya all….


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  1. TruckerCylon
    Posted September 5, 2007 at 2:30 am | Permalink

    Hi, I am just a fan boy. I met you at Dragoncon. I am now getting many of many of your podcast. I still can’t believe you don’t have BF right now. I would love to take you out to lunch but I am nowhere near CA. Have you ever been to Frolicon? I am hoping to find out more about it. I hope to here some first hand accounts. My real name is Jeff 🙂 gonetodash1999@yahoo.com

  2. Posted September 6, 2007 at 8:14 pm | Permalink

    i’m not gonna lie. i’m so lost. and really confused.

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