The Podenstein Monster Will be Unleashed on 9/23/07

(from a press release)

Victor Podenstein is a young, handsome, and brilliant doctor. He has a passion for podcasting, but a voice best for a mime. So he goes off to create the perfect podcasting voice. Dr. Podenstein soon finds that his creation has a life of its own. And then things go terribly wrong.

This is a collaborative audio drama production. It features a score of talented people from a variety of backgrounds, including podcasting, blogging, videocasting, voice acting, radio, comedy and regular folks. A sampling includes, the amazing Disney podcaster, Paul Barrie from the Podcast, the unique Catholic podcaster Jennifer Willits from Rosary Army and That Catholic Show, and the shiny, happy technology enthusiast, Cali Lewis from Geek Brief TV. Discover a dozen other gifted people in this monster mash-up story that is Podenstein.

‘Podenstein’ is a rare opportunity to find this mix of voices together in one downloadable production. The Podenstein monster is about to be unleashed, but do not panic. Visit and subscribe now to be sure to get this special presentation fresh and hot off the griddle, Sunday evening September 23rd. For more details and credits information, please visit

About Griddlecakes Radio. A champion of the disappearing art of storytelling, Ron Ploof delivers engaging tales suited for all ages to enjoy. A Griddlecakes Radio episode will enthrall you with an original story and delight you with new music. Griddlecakes Radio, exploring the lost art of audio storytelling.

About RoneyZone Productions. Providing humor for Star Wars and pop culture fans, interviews and discussions for the open-minded, and support for creatives sharing their passion and projects, Jeff Roney’s RoneyZone Productions aims to entertain, enlighten, enrage, and engage you in a variety of ways. RoneyZone Productions, creating great entertainment- one show at a time.

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