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‘Transformers’ DVD storms stores today

The week’s DVD blockbuster will, to the surprise of no one, be Michael Bay’s live-action “Transformers” (***, Paramount), in single-disc form ($29.99), as a two-disc “Special Edition” ($36.99) and on HD-DVD ($39.99). Along with all the extras included on the two-disc edition, the HD disc contains Web-enabled features that, according, to the distributor, will continue to expand and evolve “for months, even years” into the future.

“Transformers” is far more entertaining than any movie based on a revived 1980s toy fad has any right to be. It’s also far more engaging than any film masterminded by special-effects and action-movie maestro Bay has any right to be.
“The Transformers” DVD provides further proof, as if we needed it, of the allure of high-definition reproduction and home theater capability. Remasters of “Lawrence of Arabia” and Kurosawa movies aside, this technology is at its most impressive in the reproduction of loud and elaborately conceived and produced spectacles.

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