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Webkin’z Third Anniversary

If you haven’t heard of Webkinz, it’s the social media/computer game/stuffed animal craze that’s like taking Second Life, Tamagotchi pets, Beanie Babies and casual gaming, putting them in a blender and making it all extremely kid-friendly. Today is Webkinz’ third anniversary, and they have special celebration type things “in world” so I thought it’d be […]

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Slouching Towards New Hollywood by Removing ‘Pod’

NewTeeVee has posted an interview with Ron Bloom, CEO of Mevio, explaining his company’s decision to change its name from PodShow. His main point is that podcasting is cool, but “podcasting was associated with amateurs… When in reality podcasting is an incredibly effective platform for delivering episodic content fresh off the press.” This is part […]

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Trash Talking in the Social Media World

Yesterday afternoon I attended SMX’s panel on People-powered search. It featured Jason Calacanis, from Mahalo, who (once again) seemed to tick everyone off. I do love controversy, don’t get me wrong, I believe it’s good for debate. Keeps the conversation moving and challenges people’s conceptions. What I don’t believe is trashing something to make you […]

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Twitter Friends – Gotta Catch’m All?

Warning, the following article won’t make sense unless you use Twitter, but if you’re a Twitter user – read on! I just read an interesting rant (his words not mine) over at DigiDave about Twitter follower/following ratios and it reminded me of the catch phrase from Pokemon – “got to catch’m all!” If you’re unfamiliar […]

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