Slouching Towards New Hollywood by Removing ‘Pod’

NewTeeVee has posted an interview with Ron Bloom, CEO of Mevio, explaining his company’s decision to change its name from PodShow. His main point is that podcasting is cool, but “podcasting was associated with amateurs… When in reality podcasting is an incredibly effective platform for delivering episodic content fresh off the press.”

This is part of a trend to create “new Hollywood” in new media, but removing the idea of “pod” in podcasting. This can be seen in several realms. The conference, “Podcast Media Expo” is now known as “New Media Expo”. Many popular ‘podcasts’ don’t even breath the word ‘podcast’. And now places like Podshow are changing their name (and their image).

My thoughts? “Pod” has always tripped up the general population. As a podcaster myself I know so many people who never tried podcasts thinking they needed an iPod. And for many generations pod means ‘pod people’. In general this culture shift in new media I think will be helpful for more people bucking against traditional forms of media (TV, publishing, radio). Where we wind up in the shift is anyone’s guess, but if more creative people can deliver their content to more people, I’m all for the change.

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