Twitter Friends – Gotta Catch’m All?

pokemon_serie-jpeg-image-438x372-pixels.jpgWarning, the following article won’t make sense unless you use Twitter, but if you’re a Twitter user – read on!

I just read an interesting rant (his words not mine) over at DigiDave about Twitter follower/following ratios and it reminded me of the catch phrase from Pokemon – “got to catch’m all!”

If you’re unfamiliar with Pokemon, it’s a Japanese cartoon with these pocket monsters. There’s tons of them and the kids try to find them all. The cartoon is also a card game in which you try to collect all the cards.

In a similar way Twitter for some seems to be a “collecting” game. Collect the most followers, but keep the ratio shoved to one side. Either people have 2,000 people they’re following and only about 100 or so following them back or they have 2,000 people following them and they follow a couple hundred. This is referred in the Twitterverse as “the ratio” and long-time Twitter users, such as myself, hate real people whose ratio is skewed.

A new phenomenon seems to be to follow someone and then immediately after they follow you, “unfollow”. I normally follow everyone who follows me, unless you’re a Bot or your twitter time line is full of spam. Then I take a glance at my numbers to find a bunch of these new friends have unfollowed me.

Twitter isn’t a game guys, you don’t need to have a bunch of followers. You don’t have to follow a bunch of people. Twitter is a conversation. If your ratio is skewed, you’re having a one sided conversation. It’s the 1990’s equivalent of blocking everyone in the chat room. You wind up talking to yourself.

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