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What is Social Media? Friendship.

I’ve been talking to a lot of people about their definition of friendship. I’ve found out “friend” is a term that is either used very loosely or very strictly. For me friendship means we’ve bonded over something, we’ve shared something and we are currently “friendly.” I apparently have a very loose definition of ‘friend’. Perhaps […]

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Where are all the good Twitter apps?

I’m not entirely sure if my problem with Twitter programs stems from the number of people I follow, the amount of Twitter problems itself or my current suspicion that my MacBook needs more memory, but I can’t get a reliable, won’t freeze my system and doesn’t drop messages program. I had been, for a long […]

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A Bug’s Life on Twitter – Interview with Twitter Novelist Nick Belardes

(also posted to Social Media World) I recently had the opportunity to interview Nick Belardes about his Twitter novel, “Small Places“, which is about breaking life into small pieces. I’ve been following the story for a couple weeks now and thought I’d ask Nick some questions about this new way of story-telling. Tabz: Tell us […]

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What is the Tribe?: The Power of Social Media Friends

(Also posted at Social Media World) Recently my co-blogger (and friend) Jessica wrote an article on the ‘The “Corporification” of Humanity”, outlining her concerns that social media is turning individuals into corporate brands by having huge social media “friends” lists that turned out to be nothing more than ‘fans’ and ‘social media stalkers’. While I […]

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