Amazon Rush Days Aren’t Dead (They’re Just Pinning for the Fjords)

Okay, lemme sum it up. For those of you who don’t know several podcast novelists have, in the past, had a “rush Amazon day”. These are not unique to podcast novelists (I’ve seen many for smaller indie bands and books) – but they are a marketing strategy to sell books and give author’s clout (“I made it to the #1 best selling book in Sci-Fi).

So why are we talking about it? Well it all started when…

Chris Miller said that the Amazon Rush would no longer be as effective as it had been.

Indiana Jim said it wasn’t dead, but it isn’t what a lot of people thought it was.

Then Indiana Jim said this: What We’ve Learned – Why the World Needs the Amazon Rush

Let’s be clear my ownself. I’m a fan of Scott Sigler, JC Hutchins, Mur Lafferty, Seth Harwood, your mom and almost every other podcast novelist out there. I just haven’t listened to all of them yet.

Did I buy Ancestor when it had it’s Amazon Rush day? Yes. I bought two.

Did I buy Infected? Yes. I bought — what five? I think.

Did I buy Jack Palms? Yes. I bought two.

Did I buy Playing for Keeps? Not yet, but I blame my bank account, not my enthusiasm for Mur.

Am I tired of Amazon Rush Days? Yes. Especially when they occur before pay day! (Just a small note to people out there, most of us get paid at the first and 15th or the 15th and 30th – having it on the 14th or 29th is probably not wise).

Why? Because I want something new from my podcasters – who are some of the smartest, brightest, most intelligent people I know of.

Now, does that mean I’m down on Amazon Rush Days? No, I think they’re worthwhile and I think anything where you can engage your listeners/readers is awesome. I love when podcasters ask me (the listener) to do something to help them out. But Amazon Rush Days should not be the only time you do this!

If you are thinking of an Amazon Rush day there are some big things you need to think about.

1. How are you going to communicate with your fans? One of my favorite rush days was Seth Harwood’s rush on Palm Sunday. Why? Because of his very excited twitters during the experience. Now, not all of your fans are going to be on Twitter – so idealy you’ll find several different ways to communciate with the throughout the day to show your involvement, appreciation and love.

2. How are you going to market the day? Marketing is huge. Even if you watch a couple episodes of Tabatha’s Salon you’ll know this. Rely on your fanbase even before you start the Amazon push. Get the word out, get it out well and remember some of your fans are way behind on your episodes – so find a way to let them know as well.

3. How are you going to be different? This is a big one for fans, like me, who have been involved in multiple podcast novelists runs on Amazon.  One idea that I’m stealing from Brian Mattox is maybe everyone who buys on Amazon day gets their name and a link on your website? Or mention in your next novel? Or you donate a portion of your proceeds to some great cause (related to your story). Give us another angle to get excited about.

4. Be Honest. Be honest with your fans about -why- you want an Amazon rush day. If you’re going to leverage it with your agent or potential publishers – then say that! If you’re trying to help your small print publisher and yourself out – then say that! If you’re going to use it to prove to your mom that you’re a legitimate author – then say that too! Don’t try to be grandiose and self-sacrficing “we’re doing this for all podcasters out there” unless you truley are. Your fans will love you for it and be even more devoted. After all, we started out with your first episode (shudder) and we’re still fans.

In short, do what you’re good at – be creative. Don’t dismiss the importance of an Amazon Rush Day or embrace Amazon Rush days as an end all/be all.

In the words of Buffy, when you do an Amazon Rush Day – give me something to sing about.

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