It's My Party!

So today is my 27th Birthday (contrary to myself, who, for a long time, was saying I was turning 28). I adore my birthday. Ever since college it’s been the month of my birth celebration, and before that I had a whole birthday week where my parents would give me small presents to count down to my birthday!

Here’s a retrospective on some of my awesome birthdays.

My actual birthday –

I was born on Sunday (which makes me love the old poem about days of the week you’re born on). My mom’s parents were there. And I made out like a bandit on gifts. Some of my favorite ones were my rubber ducky, a collection of handmade blankets (many of which I still have).

5th Birthday –

I had family friend Roxie and her daughter be clowns. I had super curls and a great blue dress with a ‘spinny skirt’. My grandpa was there and my mom made the most awesome cake in the shape of a cat.

6th Birthday –

My first crush came over and gave me a stuffed alligator, whom I named after him and had until high school. We went to Santa’s Village after my parents tried to convince me that my entire birthday would be “watching rain go down the gutter”. Which we did (with hoses) before they let me know we’d be going somewhere cool. Mom made a Cinderella birthday cake!

9th Birthday –

My first sleepover! We set up the whole living room as Barbie’s house and a runway for a fashion show. I got a VHS tape of Bambi and some of my guests were traumatized over Bambi’s mom getting shot.

13th Birthday –

This was the infamous party where I invited all of the 20something from our church over. To which my mom said, “don’t you want to invite people your age?” In reality the kids I knew my age all turned super loser during that year and my really good friends where older than me. My mom made delicious homemade pizzas that we got to put the toppings on. We played Taboo, Pictionary and one of my Sherlock Holmes games. It was a fun night.

16th Birthday –

The entire church threw me a surprise party and I had no idea. My camp friend Jenny came down with my adopted Aunt and Uncle for an extra surprise. I felt like a princess that day. Even though the people who went to our church at the time were lower-middle-class families they all got me incredibly awesome gifts (many of them for my upcoming college trip). My mom did an amazing job giving me the perfect sweet 16 birthday.

18th Birthday –

My first birthday away from home (since I started college at 17 and turned 18 that Nov). I had a great group of friends and threw my own celebration (we all went for deep dish pizza). My mom packed a box of presents that I opened up later on my floor. It came complete with a banner and candles for a birthday cake/pie.

24th Birthday –

I had the most awesome shared party with my friend Rev (who has the birthday the same day I do). Tons of our friends from all over Chicago showed up and we rented out a cool space. My friend Naomi and her boyfriend (now husband) drove down from Wisconsin to celebrate with us. Tons of good food.

There’s more memories, but that’s the ones I can think of off the top of my head. I’ve really only had one bad birthday, but that wasn’t because of the birthday (I had the most awesome cake that year) but the events that surrounded it. So yay me. 🙂

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