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Why Do You Follow? Twitter is for Lovers

So my social media friend, Jody Whitesides, asked me how I had 1,600 followers. Honestly, I had a few basic ideas, but I wasn’t sure. So I thought I’d ask my followers ‘why’ they followed me. Not everyone responded, but the people who did respond had some interesting responses: doctorlinguist @Tabz I follow you for […]

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And so this is Christmas…

Christmas is coming. Unless you’ve been locked in the basement for the past month you can’t help but notice the oncoming holiday storm that is Christmas. Decorations, gifts, advertisement, stores, songs, even our cars have been decked out for the holidays. It seems to me that Christmas messages can usually only go to the extremes. […]

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Everyone Shout "What's the Big Idea"? Imagination Movers Review

I will admit it. I’m a kid at heart. I still love watching cartoons, kids’ movies and even some preschool shows. One of my new favorite is “Imagination Movers”, a peppy up-beat show featuring a rocking kids’ band – The Imagination Movers. What is the Imagination Movers? The Imagination Movers is a kids band AND […]

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Overexhausted Blues

There’s probably no word my friends hear more from me than “tired”. Well, that and “fantastic” or “awesome”. I don’t know if it’s stress, not sleeping well, or my weight that makes me so tired, but it’s getting ridiculous. Not only do I feel tired, I feel -really- tired. To the point where I just […]

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Green Product Review: Palmolive Pure and Clear

Originally Posted at Palmolive has always been a staple product in my family’s home. I think it started with my grandmother, so I never would associate it with something ‘new’. So imagine my surprise when, while shopping, I noticed that they had a Pure and Clear option. This eco-friendly liquid dish soap has no […]

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