Everyone Shout "What's the Big Idea"? Imagination Movers Review

I will admit it. I’m a kid at heart. I still love watching cartoons, kids’ movies and even some preschool shows. One of my new favorite is “Imagination Movers”, a peppy up-beat show featuring a rocking kids’ band – The Imagination Movers.

What is the Imagination Movers? The Imagination Movers is a kids band AND a TV show on Playhouse Disney. The premise is the Imagination Movers work in a large warehouse with the mission to solve people’s problems. Their good friend Nina, whose uncle Knit Knots works in the warehouse too, often brings them problems and helps the movers solve them. The problems can range from the daily problems we all face (how do you cure hiccups) to the hilarious (how do you get a giant pumpkin out the door). By ‘brainstorming’ and learning the Movers solve their problems and make great music.

What do I love about the Imagination Movers? They teach kids the value of problem solving, without being cliche or trite. The enthusasm of the four main characters (Dave, Smitty, Rich and Scott) is infectious without being overbearing. And the songs are just rocking and singable!

Also, there’s a fun story arch (for me at least) about how they can’t get any customers and all the things they do to try and GET customers. In one episode they hang a banner and in another episode they buy some radio ad time.

What is the big idea? If you’re looking for a show that both YOU and your preschooler can enjoy I highly recommend the Imagination Movers. Or if you’re looking for some fun music to enjoy buy one (or all) of their CDs. They’re guaranteed to keep your spirits, energy and imagination levels at all time high, without you wanting to strangle someone.

Learn more about the band Imagination Movers on Wikipedia.

or visit the Imagination Movers website.

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  1. Posted December 19, 2008 at 1:12 am | Permalink

    I heart the imagination movers too. Two songs that get stuck in my head are the “take your picture” one from Bad Hair Day and “I’ll help you up” from the Wind Room episode. It is so sad that I know that info. Great show for family dance time too!

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