Green Product Review: Palmolive Pure and Clear

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Palmolive has always been a staple product in my family’s home. I think it started with my grandmother, so I never would associate it with something ‘new’.

So imagine my surprise when, while shopping, I noticed that they had a Pure and Clear option. This eco-friendly liquid dish soap has no unnecessary chemicals, heavy fragrances, or irritating dyes. Palmolive Pure and Clear is also phosphate-free and hypoallergenic. That means this detergent contains biodegradable ingredients packaged in a bottle made with recycled plastic!

The price was right too. At Walmart Palmolive Pure and Clear was around the same price as similar brand-named labels of the same size. In this economy being eco-friendly can sometimes be a strain on the pocketbook, so I was very pleased with the price point (around $3 for a 20oz bottle).

A big problem I have with most green dish soaps is they are weak. They don’t clean grease and they require more soap to get the dishes clean (which often negates the concentrated brands). So, I was dubious when I started using Palmolive Pure and Clear. After all, the regular brand of Palmolive is fantastic on grease so how could a dish soap without most of the regular ingredients in Palmolive stand up?

So I started in on a sink full of dishes and I was pleasantly surprised! Palmolive stood up to greasing pans, caked on gunk and a little went a long way on a sink full of dishes. There’s a fresh clean smell, despite having no heavy fragrance. But it’s not overpowering or synthetic smelling.

Now, Palmolive Pure and Clear removed ‘unnecessary’ chemicals, so it probably still has some chemicals that won’t make it 100% eco-friendly, but if you’re looking to lessen your impact on the world’s pollution, this is a great choice.

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