Why Do You Follow? Twitter is for Lovers

So my social media friend, Jody Whitesides, asked me how I had 1,600 followers. Honestly, I had a few basic ideas, but I wasn’t sure. So I thought I’d ask my followers ‘why’ they followed me. Not everyone responded, but the people who did respond had some interesting responses:

doctorlinguist @Tabz I follow you for the awesome.

motownmutt @Tabz cuz you have a cute kitty avatar?

CalgaryGuru @Tabz …’cause Mr. Twitter told me to follow you?

numindan @Tabz Cause you’re the goddess behind Bbtl and I enjoy your updates

UKMelia @Tabz Because I wub you.

avenuez @Tabz I have a tough time remembering why I followed my current peeps, but I know why I do/don’t these days.

coyotesqrl @Tabz BBtL castmember, so it seemed only reasonable 🙂

smittyhalibut @Tabz Heard of you first from BBtL, continue to follow because you’re interesting and haven’t annoyed me yet. 🙂

Steve_Lipton @Tabz because some else was replying to you. Though I can’t remember who.

arstal @Tabz Cause you followed me and didn’t look like a spambot

dailybreezeME @Tabz I want a local South Bay network, so I’m trying to follow as many local people as I can find.

robertsm85 @Tabz I followed you because of BBTL

MisterDubbs @Tabz You started following me first, I just responded.

mrxinu Icon_red_lock @Tabz Cuz your cheeks are just so cute I wanna pinch ’em!

Eric_Curtis @Tabz I’m pretty sure it was Buffy related.

trickster_brat @Tabz Fellow BtVS fan. =D

winnypooh Icon_red_lock @Tabz I think tonwithe re-twittered something about you… thats how I found you.

rosecolette @Tabz Clay has brought you up in convo a few times. I liked and appreciated the positivity experiment, and you give good links. 🙂

fuffy_frog Icon_red_lock @Tabz i listen to your podcasts. that’s why.

gerryc @Tabz ‘Cause I met you in person and you’re awesome; not in that particular order. 😉

fulkb @Tabz You responded to a comment of mine re: New Media Expo

hjkuzcotopia Icon_red_lock @Tabz I usually follow people cause I know them, or people I know know them

sinspired @Tabz Dude, I know you, but I have started to follow people who follow me or follow people I follow – but have very interesting tweets.

tharensolo Icon_red_lock @Tabz I followed you because I love your podcast and I use Twitter to connect with people interested in the same things as I am.

nuchtchas @Tabz I follow you because I like you and want to hear your thoughts. Normally I font follow random people and have dropped those lacking

ozbourne @Tabz because you’re cool/interesting

tisfan @Tabz Because you like Dr. Horrible, and I like your cat’s entry 😉

Kaylee_Frye @Tabz Cause you’re real sweet, baobei.

Of course, the best answer is from Kaylee Frye ;). But it’s interesting to see that a huge amount of the responses because of my podcast or involvement in the Joss Whedon fandom. So, how about you? Why do you follow people on Twitter?

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