Sarah's Reqiuem – She's My Winona

Totally stealing Mur’s idea of writing a flash fic for They Might Be Giants songs. But I’m doing it for Fall Out Boy’s Folie à Deux album. Borrowing the ideas of the songs. All of these fics will fit into the novel series I’m writing called Sarah’s Requiem. Think of the stories as a prequel to the novel. So you’re getting a sneak peek of what’s to come.

Sarah Doyle is a consultant to the Downtown Chicago’s Police District, mostly it’s homicide division. She lives and works with her best friend Iyana Jones, who is a journalist and wanna be Romance novelist. Sarah’s unique quirks make her disliked by all at the police force, except a few close friends.


She’s My Winona

"Life’s just a pace-car on death
Only less diligent"
– Fall Out Boy

by Tabitha Grace Smith

"Jeremy!" Sarah lunged towards the explosion seconds after it happened. Iyana could barely hear her through the ringing in her ears, but she grabbed Sarah before she could go any further. The fire had spread too quickly for there to be anything left.

Sarah fought against Iyana’s grasp, but only for a moment. With nearly five inches on Iyana, it was a fight Sarah could have won, but instead she fell back onto the street, collapsing into a pile. "Jeremy… he’s in there."

Iyana turned to where "there" was. Unfortunately was described the picture almost completely. After months of tracking Jeremy down, Sarah had finally caught up to her former lover, the man who had nearly killed both Sarah and Iyana, the man who now had exploded in his car.

Iyana blinked slowly, She knew she was in shock, she knew that Sarah was in shock, she knew she should use the phone she was clutching in her pocket, but she couldn’t bring herself to move.

"Jeremy’s in there…" Sarah almost crooned the words now. Holding her knees to her chest she rocked slightly backwards. "He’s in there."

Seeing her friend so helpless finally sparked something inside of Iyana and she grabbed the phone and dialed. "9-1-1, what’s your emergency?" The crisp, cool voice on the other end of the line said. Iyana blinked again and opend her mouth, but nothing came out.

"What’s your emergency?" The voice repeated, with a warm but firm tone

"There’s… there’s been…."

"A car explosion? I’ve tracked your cellphone are you at the corner of Clark and Addison?"

Iyana nodded, then realized the woman on the other end of the phone couldn’t see her. "Yes, by the red line stop."

"Police and ambulance are on their way," The woman said. "Are you okay?"

"Jeremy’s not." Iyana said, pausing she added. "He’s in the car."

"The police are on their way. Just stay put until they get there, ma’am."

Iyana nodded again. "There was an explosion." Her voice cracked.

"I know hon, just sit tight."

And so Iyana sat tight. More appropriately she stood, almost towering above Sarah’s huddled frame.

"Too late love, I was too late." Sarah rested her chin on her knees. "Too late."


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