Sarah's Requiem – America’s Suitehearts

Totally stealing Mur’s idea of writing a flash fic for They Might Be Giants songs. But I’m doing it for Fall Out Boy’s Folie à Deux album. Borrowing the ideas of the songs. All of these fics will fit into the novel series I’m writing called Sarah’s Requiem. Think of the stories as a prequel to the novel. So you’re getting a sneak peek of what’s to come. Sarah Doyle is a consultant to the Downtown Chicago’s Police District, mostly it’s homicide division. She lives and works with her best friend Iyana Jones, who is a journalist and wanna be Romance novelist. Sarah’s unique quirks make her disliked by all at the police force, except a few close friends.


Sarah’s Requiem: Amerca’s Suitehearts

Media, please…

Fall Out Boy

by Tabitha Grace Smith

"Sarah?" There was a warm hand on her shoulder and warm tones in the voice, but Sarah didn’t even blink. "You shouldn’t be here."

Blinking and looking up, Sarah saw Brandi Miles looking down at her.

"It’s a free country Brandi," Iyana said, biting the inside of her cheek.

"The media is here, they’re going to have a field day with our recently hired consultant at her ex-boyfriend’s funeral." Brandi swept some of her hair behind her ear and smiled. The smile looked like something on a Crest ad. Sarah wondered if Brandi had been to the dentist recently. "It’s best if keep that out of the papers."

Iyana shoved her hands in the pocket of dress pants and rocked back on her heels. She glanced at Sarah, but knew that Sarah wasn’t going to say anything. Looking back at Brandi she said slowly, "Sarah’s going to go where she wants to go."

Brandi stepped closer to Iyana, bending forward so she could stare into Iyana’s eyes. "Sarah is loopy and you should be protecting from herself."

Iyana’s fists tightened slightly, but she made a conscious effort to keep them in her pockets. "The Lieutenant didn’t tell Sarah to stay away from this. She is going to Jeremy’s funeral."

There was a sharp bark of laughter and Brandi straighten to her full height, which was impressive without the high heels she was wearing. "They’re going to eat her alive. I was trying to be helpful."

"I heard there’s a string of donut robberies in Printer’s Row. Maybe you can be helpful over there…" Iyana took Sarah’s arm and guided her around where Brandi was standing.

"You can’t hold Sarah’s hand forever Jones!" Brandi called after the pair. "She’s a liability and I’m going to make sure the Lieutenant knows it!"

When they were out of earshot Iyana rubbed Sarah’s arm. "She’s right you know. As much as I hate to admit it, you shouldn’t be here Sarah. The minute the news teams see you, they’re going to be all over you."

Sarah didn’t respond.

Taking a deep sigh, Iyana continued. "Besides, Jeremy tried to kill both of us. He betrayed you. He nearly –"

"I don’t." Sarah’s voice was sharp and sudden, enough so that Iyana stopped cold. Sarah stopped, relaxing her shoulders and restarting in a softer voice. "I don’t want to talk about Iyana." Looking around the street Sarah glanced up at the large crucifix statute on the side of the brick church. Oak Street was surprisingly quiet for it being the weekend, almost eerily so. "I’m sorry."

Iyana smiled slightly and gave Sarah a quick side hug. "It’s okay. We’re friends. We’ll figure it out."

The two continued to the church’s back entrance. "Why a classic car though?" Sarah said as they reached the door.


"They killed Jeremy with a car bomb in a classic car. Why?"

"I don’t know Sarah, maybe they’re easier to blow up? I don’t know a lot about classic cars." Iyana held the door open.

"It’s going to bother me." Sarah said, stepping into the doorway.

Sarah sighed and smiled. "I know Sarah, I know."



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