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I'm Bringing Doofus Back…

I’m bringing doofus back. The 60’s slang term for idiot, dummy, whatever. I’m bringing it back. I know what you’re thinking. It’s not a nice word. But, let me explain. Last Christmas we went up to our friends’ house. The Mooses (not really their name, but you get the idea). They have 5 kids, and […]

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Save Chuck!

If you love Chuck (as much as I do, more, or at least like the show) – it’s one of those “on the bubble” shows that may not get picked for next year. If you’re not familiar with NBC’s Chuck, it’s a quirky comedy-drama starring Adam Baldwin (Firefly/Angel). Since the show is up for renewal […]

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Photo of the Day

Photo I took at the beach by my house in San Pedro, CA – December 2008 (tre gorgeous no?)

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Photo of the Moment – Rainbow (1/17/09)

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Some bunny will love a green Easter basket

a guest post from Easter brings thoughts of spring and rebirth, so there’s no reason not to celebrate it with the Earth’s best interest at heart. Since for many families, Easter wouldn’t be the day without the basket, here’s how to transform this traditional hit, into a gift that truly is worth celebrating. Instead of buying […]

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Alright I give…

I’m probably going to have to turn in my Whedon fangirl badge for this, but after reading everything I could get my hands on, from articles, to interviews to fan sites I’ve decided the majority must be right: Dollhouse just isn’t a great show. I’m an extremely open-minded person. I think my ability to put […]

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