I'm Bringing Doofus Back…

cartoondoofusI’m bringing doofus back. The 60’s slang term for idiot, dummy, whatever. I’m bringing it back.

I know what you’re thinking. It’s not a nice word. But, let me explain.

Last Christmas we went up to our friends’ house. The Mooses (not really their name, but you get the idea). They have 5 kids, and the youngest, Benji is a fairly precocious child. We were decorating sugar cookies when Ben dropped one. Being of a sensitive nature he was very upset and threw himself on one of the nearby couches and would not be consoled. As we rescued the cookie and cleaned up the icing on the floor he jabbers away at himself, bemoaning his situation. At one point he wails, “I’m such a doofus!”

Now, to this day, his mother has no idea where Benji learned the word “doofus”. But it’s tickled my parents and I so much that now we quote Benji at opportune times. Such as playing Canasta and throwing the wrong card. Or forgetting something in the kitchen.

But now I’ve been saying it outside of the family. I couldn’t recall the name of one of the writers of Dollhouse – “I’m such a doofus!”

So yes, doofus is coming back, but only in reference to myself and my silly stupidity.

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