Sometimes it's Awesome to be Tabz

Sometimes I realize why it’s awesome to be me. And that sounds so superficial and egotistical (and I’m sorry about that). But honestly – there are just moments I sit back and go… “Oh wow. It’s awesome being me.”

I live on the fringes of celebrity. I’ve called it in the past a micro-celebrity status. It’s the “I’m so much cooler online” effect. Obviously I’m not a household name. I don’t get into great tables at fancy resturants. I barely even get any substantial perks for being Tabz.

But sometimes… sometimes… it’s awesome being Tabz.

Today at barcampLA (an un-conference about all things tech, web and so much more) my friend Megan was telling someone, “You don’t follow Tabz?” Both Megan and another guy (Steve) started ribbing on the third person who hadn’t been following me on Twitter. The resulting conversation was jestful and witty, but the underlying reality was that both of them were kind of surprised that the third person didn’t know who I was.

Why? ‘Cuz, according to Megan, I know everyone.

I had a similar conversation with my parents after they attended Podcast and New Media Expo (back when it was still in Ontario). They went around saying “I’m Tabz’ dad!” or “I’m Tabz’ Mom!” and had a grand old time of it. At the end of the afternoon they said to me, “you know EVERYONE”.

Don’t get me wrong, I have a pretty normal life. There’s a lot of stress, and bad days, and times when being Tabz is not so awesome. But if I really stop to think about it. I mean really stop and evaluate where I am. I have a pretty fantstic life.

One of the other subjects of conversation today was my “minions”. I won’t lie, having a team of people around the world who work on my podcasts is fan-tabz-ulous. I felt compelled to explain that not only do I have minions but I have cult members. Now, minions are people who work on specific tasks because they like the project I’m doing. Cult members will work on anything I’m doing ‘cuz they like me and they’re super crazy awesome.

This isn’t something that just happened. It’s taken work, building a community where people are respected – given credit – allowed to have power/authority/responsibility. It also comes out my deep desire that every project I head isn’t “mine” – it’s “ours.” Now, I’ll always exercise some kind of leadership control, but I never think that projects are “my babies” and you can’t touch them. I believe in the power of co-creation.

And that also makes it awesome to be Tabz. I can’t imagine Buffy Between the Lines without my co-producer Kim, or our talented group of writers. I can’t imange it without Austin’s music or the directors’s and actors’ interpretations of scenes. I can’t imagine BBtL or ABtL without the people that have worked on it – no matter how small their role.

It’s also awesome to be Tabz ‘cuz I have awesome friends. Both on- and off-line. Just before I started writing this I said good night to my friend and he said, “I love you.” After I responded, “I love you!” I realized how rare that kind of platonic, amazing friendship is. And yet, I have that with a core group of people who I trust with everything. (And trust me, they know the dark side of Tabz and still love me).

So this became a long ramble about why it’s great to be me. But seriously, if you’re feeling down or depressed – this is the quickest way to remember – sometimes, it’s awesome to be you.

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    Yay for Tabz 🙂

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