Follow Friday Recommendations

I’m totally stealing this idea from @DannyBrown so all praise goes to him.

Follow Friday is a fantastic meme on Twitter. Obviously the central core of Twitter is to communicate with others, so having recommendations of people on your follower list that you believe other Twitter users will enjoy following is a great way to 1) show your appreciation to quality Twitter users and 2) find people worth following.

The only problem with Follow Friday is the limited amount of characters involved. Sure, I can recommend 2,000 people to follow, but how do you know if my recommendation is right for you? I’ve tried doing 1 Tweet per follower (with a short description of why you should follow them), but that gets spammy. So when I saw Danny Brown making a blog post with his recommendations, I thought – hey…. great idea. I’m stealing it.

So here’s my Follow Friday recommendations by category.

Whedon Related

If you love Buffy (and you should really) you should not only read Buffyfest (a fantastic blog about all things Buffy related, with some of Joss Whedon’s other shows tied in as well). The Twitter page is interactive (not just a list of what’s been posted at Buffyfest) and fun!

The Biz (Social Media, Blogging, Entertainment, New Media, Etc…)

Darren is probably one of the most interactive, sweet and successful bloggers on Twitter. I really can’t stand folks who have gained a huge following and start acting like they’re the hottest thing since sliced bread — Darren is the exact opposite. His twitters are helpful, engaging, he shares useful links from other bloggers (no matter their size), and he’s a great resource person for tips and tricks for your own blog. If you blog or write Darren is a great person to follow.


Just in time for DragonCon! Swoopy is a fantastic podcaster and the head of the Podcasting Track at DragonCon. You couldn’t want for a nicer person (who gives amazing hugs). Swoopy’s twitters are a mix of funny, informative and helpful (a lot of replies to her followers).


I fell in love with him first on Ugly Betty and was overjoyed to hear he’s going to be in Stargate Universe – David Blue is one of those fun celebs who enjoys interacting with his Twitter following.

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