Follow Friday Recommendations

I’m totally stealing this idea from @DannyBrown so all praise goes to him.

Follow Friday is a fantastic meme on Twitter. Obviously the central core of Twitter is to communicate with others, so having recommendations of people on your follower list that you believe other Twitter users will enjoy following is a great way to 1) show your appreciation to quality Twitter users and 2) find people worth following.

The only problem with Follow Friday is the limited amount of characters involved. Sure, I can recommend 2,000 people to follow, but how do you know if my recommendation is right for you? I’ve tried doing 1 Tweet per follower (with a short description of why you should follow them), but that gets spammy. So when I saw Danny Brown making a blog post with his recommendations, I thought – hey…. great idea. I’m stealing it.

So here’s my Follow Friday recommendations by category.
Whedon Related
As most of you know I’m a huge Whedon fan, and part of my Twitter follower list is all Whedon-related.  So this category is for a fan or website you should be following on Twitter because you love Joss Whedon.

This week it’s:
Not only is she funny, clever and an out and out Joss Whedon fan, but she’s highly engaging and entertaining. If you do follow her make sure to @ her and tell her Tabz sent ya. 🙂

The Biz (Social Media, Entertainment, New Media, Etc…)
This week it’s:
Gennefer is one of those rare people who will not try and get you to drink the koolaid or sell you some snake oil. She gives clear, decisive and funny commentary on Entertainment, Advertising, New Media and more. She’s also darn funny.

This week it’s:
Co-host on the Echo Alert podcast, he’s geeky, informed and entertaining (what more could you want out of a Twitter follower?)

This week it’s:
So I have a special place in my heart for the talented Emma Caulfield. Her tweets are entirely entertaining (and not a lot of self-promotion).

Tune in next week for more Friday Follow reccomendations!

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