Follow Friday!

I’m totally stealing this idea from @DannyBrown so all praise goes to him.

Follow Friday is a fantastic meme on Twitter. Obviously the central core of Twitter is to communicate with others, so having recommendations of people on your follower list that you believe other Twitter users will enjoy following is a great way to 1) show your appreciation to quality Twitter users and 2) find people worth following.

The only problem with Follow Friday is the limited amount of characters involved. Sure, I can recommend 2,000 people to follow, but how do you know if my recommendation is right for you? I’ve tried doing 1 Tweet per follower (with a short description of why you should follow them), but that gets spammy. So when I saw Danny Brown making a blog post with his recommendations, I thought – hey…. great idea. I’m stealing it.

So here’s my Follow Friday recommendations by category.

Whedon Related

The funny, cheery and fun Aussie that is donnagow is to be followed and loved. She’s a TV fan and probably one of the kindest Twitter folks I know.

The Biz (Social Media, Blogging, Entertainment, New Media, Etc…)

If you want to know what’s going on in the wonderful world of TV, Buddy TV is a great site and Rachel from BuddyTV is a great Twitter resource. Plus she gives fun quizes like her recent How I Met Your Mother trivia slew. Keep up to date with the latest news, discussion and speculation about your favorite TV shows and try and remember details like “what color was their phone in their living room?” (okay, that was a Monk reference, not a BuddyTV one).


When it comes to podcasting very few people work as hard as Heidi does (Larissa might be the other), but I’m biased. Heidi is one of the assistant producers for Buffy Between the Lines, Angel Between the Lines as well as co-running the Castle Cast and being part of Joss’d, Future Traditions and possibly more that I can’t think of right now. Heidi is a true gem of a person. She’s sweet and kind (honest, those nasty glares are just a trick of the light) and her Twitter feed is full of interesting updates, ideas and two new cute kittens! Heidi’s one of those people who would potentially have a lot to complain about, but I’ve rarely ever heard her complain – making her a joy to friend on Twitter. Plus, my favorite part, she’s a geek!


fdFelicia Day
I’ve held off on Follow Friday-ing Felicia Day because, well, it seems kind of obvious and I think she’s more than just a celeb. Felicia is one of those people who have proven if you have a dream, you work your butt off, and you look really great in 9 inch heels, you can do anything. She’s friendly, approachable and super helpful on Twitter. And by helpful I mean 90% of what she tweets is interesting links, ideas or things like her #favepod meme where folks recommended great podcasts (and now there’s a fun search for new podcasts if you type in #favepod in Twitter search). And Felicia is one of those rare folks who has a huge army of admirers but hasn’t let it go to her head. If you love quirky comedy and haven’t yet watched the Guild or Doctor Horrible – go do so now. I’ll be here while you do so.

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