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Laptop Skin! :D

Just something I designed to bring something extra to “the Tardis” (my Macbook).

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Writing Assignment: Open Letter to Mr. Stephen King

(another writing assignment – this time based on my reading of Stephen King’s book “On Writing” in which, on pages 34-35 he says: “…I’m glad. I am, when you stop to think of it, a member of a fairly select group: the final handful of American novelists who learned to read and write before they […]

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Writing Exercise: The Rules

[From my “writer’s journal” for grad school – Tabz] I’m not a fan of rules. I’ve found that to be true when I read how to books. My back goes up when they tell me “you must”. I’m not entirely sure why this is true. Maybe it’s a rebellious nature, curled out of nothing. I […]

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A Writing Exercise – Feeling Beautiful

[As many of you know I’m going to start grad school in January, one of the suggestions that my writing book I’m reading is to practice free flow writing… this idea struck me so we’re going with it. It’s kind of autobiographical fiction… Hope you enjoy!- Tabz] My dad could always make me feel beautiful. […]

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