Open Letter to Steve Poizner

This is a letter I sent to Steve Poizner, the man running for governor of California (on the Republican side). He recently has been hitting hard on illegal immigration saying in a debate last night that he wants to “turn off the magnets” that attract illegal immigrants, such as free health and social services.

Poizner previously said he supported legislation that gives schooling to children of illegal immigrants and he supported Former President Bush’s plan to give illegal immigrants a path to immigration.

I don’t get involved in politics too much, but I do believe in stepping up for illegal immigrants in this country and if there is one hot topic that will push my voting buttons.. it’s this.


Dear Steve,

While I was actively excited about your campaign I am most distressed by your current comments about illegal immigration. I’m a 28 year old, white, single voter (you know the people who got Obama elected). And while I am fiscally Republican and believe in most of the Republican party I’m shocked and dismayed that you think illegal immigrants are here only looking for what the government can hand out.

Illegal immigrants do not need the welfare system to want to come to America. When the average person in Mexico makes $5 a day, the USA is a welcome harbor. I wish you would instead focus on how to make illegal immigrants legal, tax-paying citizens instead of condemning a group of people to being little more than common sewer rats.

At this point I can not give my support to either you or the rapid-attack dog Meg and will probably vote Democrat on election day.

Tabitha Smith
San Pedro, CA

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