Another Tool to Call Home

I’ve always loved music, but when it comes to being musical I confess there’s not a lot of talent in my bones (or genes). I fully understood this when I stood in Target on Saturday and saw a Fender acoustic guitar on sale. Yet, back when I was still in high school I made a list of things I wanted to do before I died. “Learn to play guitar” was on that list.

I could rationalize it away and say that it was a high school fantasy. Stick to my strengths (which don’t include a guitar). But somewhere inside of me there is this desire to try and try hard.

So, this morning I went about learning. It still feels awkward when I hold it. Not at ease like a pen or my keyboard. The parts of it still confuse me (though I think I got the idea of frets and am starting to remember which string is which note). It doesn’t feel like home yet. But I want it to.

April a year ago I was riding in the car with a musician friend of mine who seemed amazed that I sang along to songs I didn’t know. I didn’t even notice it. I’ve got songs etched in my subconscious that are wanting to come out.

Notice I never said that I’d be good at it. I know a lot of facts about music (thanks to my awesome mom who added in music education to my homeschooling). I knew some basic piano. But this guitar thing is gonna be something else.

So for now I’ll struggle through the awkward phase of finger placements and strumming. Maybe soon it’ll feel like another home to me.

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