5 fanTABZulous Things – Week #1

The podcast episode will be out on Sunday, but before each episode I wanted to give you a blog post run down of the 5 things that you’ll need to do before the end of the week. So you have from today until January 9th to accomplish these 5 fanTABZulous things. Like I said before, it’s the last year of my life that I’ll be in my 20s. On Nov 15th, 2011 I’ll be 30, to celebrate I want to make the most of this year, but big goals are easily forgotten or lost. So, instead, I want to do small things to make the world, myself and my relationships a better place. I’m asking you to come along for the ride.

So here we are at week #1!

1. Go one night without TV, read instead. After college my reading drop to almost non-existant. I was totally burned out on reading. Now, thanks to the wonderful world of YA (it was actually a Series of Unfortunate Events that got me back reading regularly) I’ve been reading more, but I want to keep it up. So one night this week will be devoted to reading instead of TV. If you have children, why not read to them. My dad read to my sister and I up until I was in high school and I loved it. Kids who love reading are statistically shown to have a much easier time at school. If you don’t have children, pick something fun (not tiresome). Maybe even a picture book or YA novel!

2. Write down one big project that you’ll work on to accomplish by the end of the year. I don’t know if it’s a knitting project, or learning a foreign language, or finishing that novel you’ve been working on for awhile. Whatever it is make sure that it’s something you can work on in small increments. I’m going to keep referring to things you can do for your ONE Big Project, so pick something fun and easy to accomplish by 2012.

3. Clean out your computer keyboard. If you’re like me it’s dirty and due for a good cleaning. I think half of my cleaning project is removing errant fur.

4. Write hand-written thank you notes for your Christmas presents. This Christmas I was struck with how ungrateful people can be around the holidays. Thank you notes used to be a social obligation, now it’s rare to find them (even electronically). Take time to write a hand-written thank you note to friends and family. You’d be surprised how many people treasure a sincerely written thank you note.

5. Gaze at a photo of someone you care about, then call them (or write them). It can stimulate blood supply to the brain, says researcher Andreas Bartels from University of London. It also reduces chances of depression and listlessness. If you’re experiencing the winter blahs at work, bring the photo to work. (The fan girl in me wants to point out that I think this also works if you don’t have an immediate significant other, but a TV star you really admire).

Well, there we are! Week one. Nothing to stressful I hope. Please leave comments or send me an email about how your 5 fanTABZulous things go this week. I’m heading off to PA on the 6th, but I’d love to read some of your responses on an upcoming podcast episode.

Oh and if you have some ideas for a fanTABZulous thing to do in the upcoming weeks.. leave it in the comments!

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