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PenFic #2 – Mango

Another flash fiction piece using my LiveScribe Pulse pen. I write the original out by hand in a notebook and the pen uploads the page into my computer. For this one I used a prompt from You can see the image bigger if you wish by clicking on it. Flash Fiction #2 – Mango […]

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[Note: I wrote this blog entry with my LiveScribe pen so you can see the image and read what it says (because I know my handwriting isn’t the best). It’s my tiny contribution to bringing back a dying medium – Tabz] Friends There’s no way to really explain the worth of some intangible things in […]

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5 fanTABZulous Things – Week #8

Hi guys! Sorry it’s been a bit of a skip. I got a horrible stomach flu and then really bad allergies. I swear February probably hates me a bit. So here’s your five fanTABZulous things for this week. Hopefully you took the spare weeks to catch up on those past ones! #1 – Rotate and […]

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PenFic #1 – "Good Kind of Friends"

So I just bought myself a Livescribe Pulse pen. It records what you write (and also audio if you want to). I love the idea of being able to easily transcribe things from pen to computer without the labor of typing. So, I’m trying it out. I thought it’d be fun to do some flash […]

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