5 fanTABZulous Things – Week #8

Hi guys! Sorry it’s been a bit of a skip. I got a horrible stomach flu and then really bad allergies. I swear February probably hates me a bit.

So here’s your five fanTABZulous things for this week. Hopefully you took the spare weeks to catch up on those past ones!

#1 – Rotate and or Flip Your Mattress – Okay, this one is a bit of a pain, but helpful to remember. They say to do it at least once a week (ha right).

#2 – Thank a Teacher (or pastor, youth pastor, advisor, mentor) – someone who had a big impact on you from your past. Thank them for the influence they had in your life. Again, hand-written thank you notes are best, but track them down and just say how much they meant to you.

#3 – Work an hour on your big project. How’s it going? Feeling good about finishing by the end of the year? 10 months left!

#4 – Risk something. I have no clue what this is for you, but try something you wouldn’t normally do (or eat) or have been putting off. Something to bend your comfort zone this week.

#5 – Replace your bulbs. If you haven’t already get some energy efficient ones and replace’m all (don’t forget outdoor bulbs and garages, etc).

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  1. Posted February 22, 2011 at 7:48 pm | Permalink

    should have read this sooner, the light over my stairs blew today, ugh

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