PenFic #1 – "Good Kind of Friends"

So I just bought myself a Livescribe Pulse pen. It records what you write (and also audio if you want to). I love the idea of being able to easily transcribe things from pen to computer without the labor of typing. So, I’m trying it out. I thought it’d be fun to do some flash fic (short pieces without revision) since I can post the image of my handwriting and the actual text. I had to install an additional program to convert the handwriting to text, but it’s all pretty easy to use.

So here’s the first fic.

Flash Fiction #1
(An experiment using my new Livescribe Pulse).

“We’re friends,” Jack says.

”What kind of friends?”

“The good kind,” He asserts as if I didn’t believe him. I guess I don’t. It’s hard to believe. I mean, we’ve been friends for almost 20 years, how could I not believe him? I push for something more.
“Well, What is a ‘good kind’ of friend?”

“I’ve got your back.” Jack looks serious and I suppress the laugh that was bubbling up from my toes.
“Yeah,” I say. ‘Because it’s true. He’s alway had my back. I can’t imagine him not having my back. There was the tine old lady Gratned found us picking through her trash and screamed at us until we ran. Mr. Gratned, her Son, chased us. When it looked like we would get caught it was Jack who logged back and got caught and said it was his idea.

I guess he is a good kind of friend. Even if he did eat the last brownie.

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