How to Live (Poem)

by Tabitha Grace Smith

The world is so much better than you may know,
From watching movies and reality shows,
They want you to believe it’s all about you,
When there’s something much better waiting for you.

If you go looking for something,
Unaware of what you want,
You’ll find trouble my dear,
Sadly, you’ll find it a lot.

Finding yourself is a stupid cliche,
Search out wisdom, love, and truth,
Don’t be like the crowd stumbling around in the dark,
Follow your faith and not your heart.

So don’t pin your dreams on marriage or college,
Don’t waste your breath on money or fame,
Take time to listen to everyone’s pain,
Make art where you are and don’t wait for the elusive “day.”

Never stop growing up and accepting your blame,
Take the road not traveled whenever you can,
If you stray on the path hurry back when it’s hard,
Love and forgive everyone, even when you can’t.

Never loose confidence and know yourself well,
Speak up for the widow, the orphan, the oppressed,
Defend your enemies rights and you’ll be the best.
Spend your time and money wisely to live like a king.

If you find true love, don’t destroy it with greed,
Or selfishness, or lack of interest, or forgetting to breathe.
Put him or her first, make them your daily love,
Dancing is harder when everyone wants to run.

Finally, don’t listen to the naysayers and quitters,
Who will try to pull you back into the pit,
Work hard, do what you can to make the world better,
Sleep easy each night and wake each morning to another new dream.

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