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I’ll even let you borrow my mom…

April 30th is the birthday of my mom. It’s a special day, mostly because my mom’s the best. I know it’s cliche for someone to say that about their mother, but I can’t help it – it’s true. Let me tell you a little bit about my mom. My mother and I haven’t always gotten […]

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The King’s Presence is Like the Sun

[Editor’s Note: Fair warning, this is about my personal faith. If that offends you, please just move on.] Sometimes I feel that Christians miss a lot of the point of their faith because we live in a democracy. Don’t get me wrong, I love being an American and the freedoms there contained. I’m glad I […]

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In the wake of tragedy…

I live about 3,000 miles away from Boston. About 1,400 miles away from Waco. In short, I live too far away. Tragedy in the US is nothing new. We have had acts of natural disasters, domestic terrorism, assassinations, spree killings, and more just in my lifetime. Yet, every time it strikes I get a huge […]

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Is there too much content?

We’ve been talking a lot in my new office about what things we like. I, of course, being a geek like TV shows, YouTube series, podcasts, books, comics and it’s ilk. They ask me about XYZ TV show that they like and I realize that I’ve fallen tremendously behind because it’s a CBS show and […]

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Review of Whimsic Alley and The Doctor Who Ball

Anyone who has known me for more than five minutes on social media knows of my deep and abiding love for the British TV show, Doctor Who.¬†So it’s no surprise when the local store,¬†Whimsic Alley, announced on Goldstar that they were having a Doctor Who ball on April 13th, that I snapped up tickets for […]

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My Jack or why you should adopt a pet

I know it’s cliche to be a single cat lady who writes posts about her pet. So sue me, sometimes I fall squarely into the cliche category. That said today I was sharing with one of my coworkers how awesome my pet was. Jack the kitten has been very happy to have me home and […]

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Hidden Geeks

There’s been a lot of talk about geeks and the term geek. Some people think that we throw it around too loosely and we attribute “geek” to anything with fake glasses. I, personally, don’t think we give the label to enough people. We’re in a rare time where the skinny, scientific thinking, un-jock is the […]

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The Myth of Hollywood

I’ve been thinking a lot about Hollywood these days. Especially since my commute to work dumps me out at Hollywood/Highland – arguably the most tourist-trappiest part of Hollywood you can ever hope to visit. Every time I walk through the shopping center there, or step over the stars on the Walk of Fame, or see […]

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