My Jack or why you should adopt a pet

jackthekittenI know it’s cliche to be a single cat lady who writes posts about her pet. So sue me, sometimes I fall squarely into the cliche category. That said today I was sharing with one of my coworkers how awesome my pet was. Jack the kitten has been very happy to have me home and engaged more with him. It’s been good for both of us.

Coworker asked me how long I’ve had cats after I told him about the late and great MyBoyfriend. The answer? practically all my life and they’re all amazing. There was Snowball (who became known as Momma Cat) who used to groom me when I was little.  Henry, the crazy black cat who slept in odd positions and really loved grapes. There was the amazing Watson, who got hit by a car and survived. He used to follow me around all day like a puppy. Tigger, the most awesome fat cat you ever want to meet. And, of course, MyBoyfriend, the first cat of my adult life who inspired me to write children’s books.

Jack is the latest in long line of faithful companions. While he’s not the bravest cat I’ve ever known (okay, he’s pretty much a wimp and puts the scared in scaredy cat), he is devoted and a great cuddler. He loves looking out the window and birds and making odd “bird noises” at them. He can purr like no one’s business. He loves being petted and will protest if you stop.

All of my cats have been adopted in some way and Jack was no different. I got him from a humane shelter in San Pedro. I had taken a long time to pick someone out. It had been after I lost Tigger and I was overwhelmed with the choices. But I kept going back to Jack. He was bright, alert and begging to be petted. He was so tiny when I first got him, I felt bad for not getting an adult cat, but the shelter was overrun with kittens. I’m so glad I did bring him home that day. He’s been amazing and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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    I <3 Jack!

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