Tabz’ Adventures at ComicCon: Day 1


ComicCon is one of my favorite events of the year. For five days it’s all about geek: TV, film, comic books, books, toys and more. Planning for Comic-Con takes the better part of a couple months and it’s glorious.

Wednesday is preview night, so it’s not officially a full day, but my Comic-Con experience started early as I caught a bus to the Metrolink train that takes me to Union Station. I was wearing a Marvel shirt and had a Batman bag. On the bus, a younger guy looked over and said, “hey, are you going to ComicCon?” I told him I was, and he lit up. He talked about Joss Whedon and Buffy.

“I never tell anyone I’m a geek,” he confided in me.
“Well, you should!” I said. “Especially if you go to ComicCon.”

Once I hit Union Station the trip was pretty much full of waiting. I was there early, so I asked if I could catch an earlier train (which I could), but I had just missed one and had to wait an hour. I amused myself by taking pictures with tiny Joss. The line of people waiting for the train were mostly folks heading down to Del Mar for the opening of the races. The ComicCon people were scattered about, mostly looking at electronic devices of one kind or another. The Del Mar goers were already tipsy by the time we pulled in to Solana Beach. I was very pleased to let them go.

With the heavy amount of traffic on the train meant we got in later than I had planned, but still earlier than if I had caught my train. I waited in a very long line for a cab and caught one finally and it was off to the hotel. After checking in, I realized it was close enough to Kim coming that I’d stay in. I settled in to our room a bit at the Holiday Inn Bayside and waited for her! It was so great seeing my Kim again. We chatted for a bit and then headed off to pick up our badges. The line was SO long that we skipped it and headed off to have dinner with Brian and Doug (both folks who have helped with The Guild) and Kim Evey! It was so much fun chatting with Kim, Brian and Doug.

After dinner, we went back to brave the line for badges. My previous experiences were short lines so this was weird, but the line moved pretty quickly. We got our badges and went into preview night. They must have sold more badges because it was PACKED. We could barely move along the exhibit floor. We left pretty quickly and headed to the pilot screenings at Ballroom 20. We saw a part of “Almost Human”, which seemed interesting. We also watched a bit of “The 100” (which we were pretty sure was “Lost” in the future with teenagers).

Then we headed down to Psych the Musical Screening via pedicab (an expensive way to go, but man it saved our feet on more than one occasion). It was the best event I’ve ever been to at ComicCon – mainly for how organized it was! It was held at the Reading Cinemas. Which was smart because there were 15 theater screens for fans. We stood in a VERY long line (that wrapped around the entire block twice). The folks towards the beginning of the line had gotten to the theater around 10am just to wait for the line up that started at 2pm. We got there about an hour early and still got a seat! They handled the line well though, there were multiple giveaways and hand outs. There was a couple people doing facepainting as well. About 30 minutes before the cast showed up in Weinermobiles! Here’s some photos from SpoilerTV of the cast at the event.

The cast then walked around the block and we got to high-five most of them. You could tell they were super excited by the turn out. Once inside we were given a lanyard and badge. Then popcorn in special Psych the Musical bags. There was soda as well and girls came into each theater throwing out movie candy. As we were waiting they had clips from the blooper reels, Psych Outs, and trivia before the showing. Later the cast went from theater to theater to introduce the episode.

The episode was AWESOME. I won’t spoil it (you’ll have to wait until December), but it was a great show. I can’t wait for the music to be made available several of the songs I was singing all the next day.

We were so tired by the end (the screening started a bit after midnight and we didn’t get back to the hotel until 3am), but it was well worth the effort of standing for an hour (though man were we sore). We fell asleep quickly with plans to cosplay the next day!

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