Tabz’ Adventures at ComicCon – Day 2: Thursday



The Doctor and the TARDIS

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After a “not enough sleep night,” Kim and I woke up by 8am to get ready for our big cosplay day. My awesome friend Sheree and her friend Maya run a hair/makeup business in San Diego and so they came over did our hair and makeup. It was a level up for Kim and I, who only cosplayed for the first time last year, but it was well worth the time and investment. I mean look at the transformation!

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It took about three hours to get everything done, but we were so happy with the final results. Kim’s hair had a Matt Smith-esque swoop, our makeup had Gallifreyan messages (mine said Tabz & Kim are cool, Kim’s said Kim is cool). We both had cute accessories (Kim had sonic screwdriver earrings, a charm braclet of Who things and I had clock earrings and a clock braclet). We both had necklaces that were also in Gallifreyan (mine said “Sexy” since I was the TARDIS, Kim’s said “Waiting” for Amy Pond).


After we were done with hair and makeup we hit the Con. We stood in line for Sherlock panel for a while, but realized quickly that we weren’t getting in. So, instead, we hit the exhibit hall floor. It was so much fun! People stopped and asked for our photo. We got some awesome pictures ourselves. We also ran into my friends from Stranger Comics and chatted for a bit! After we explored the place for a bit. It’s so hard not to take everything you see home. There’s so many cool geeky things, including a lot of indie artists and crafters. On top of that, ComicCon is full of exclusives and one of a kind things you can’t find anywhere else.

After wearing ourselves out a bit, we headed over to the Geek & Sundry off-site. Off-sites are probably the best thing to happen over the past couple years of ComicCon. These places offer a smaller venue then the con to sit, relax and still do fun geeky things. The G&S off-site had tabletop games (hosted by my awesome friend Boyan), merch table with lots of free swag, a photo booth (photo booths were big this year at the Con), video gaming and free WiFi (always a must). We got to meet up with our friend Nikki (who inspired the #josscation pictures I post) and her husband which was really great. We also saw other G&S forum members and got to show off our costumes a bit more.

After relaxing for a while, we headed over to our first party of the Con. The SherlockeDCC party! In line we met a new friend (Emma from Canada) and the three of us kept each other entertained all night long. The SherlockeDCC party was the first of it’s kind and the organizers did a great job. It was a cool venue, we got really awesome swag bags, they had a HUGE auction that was super fun (even though we didn’t win anything) and the party was crashed by some awesome guests (Stephen Moffat and Mark Gatiss). Emma got to tell Moffat thank you and later I got to tell Mark Gatiss thank you. He shook my hand and said, “no, thank you!”


Later, I saw Les Klinger, who was the first person I ever met from online. Les is one of the authorities on Sherlock Holmes (pick up his annotated books if you ever get a chance). We talked about how popular Sherlock Holmes has gotten in the past couple years (thanks to Robert Downey Jr, Sherlock and Elementary).

We had fun with our costumes too. While at the party one girl came over, hyperventilating about how amazing our costumes were! We took a photo with her and later with an Amy Pond cosplay!

We had one more party to attend, the Geek & Sundry VIP party. So we swung back over to it after SherlockeDCC. The dance floor was already hopping and there were people everywhere. We had super awesome chats with some fellow fans (one was a helicopter mechanic, the other an awesome cake designer, and a girl who had a Jayne hat and was going as an alien from Toy Story the next day). We ran into Bobak (JPL Mohawk guy) and he showed off his hair (it had a Star Trek insignia).

We danced, talked to some people, took pictures and left the party early to get some sleep (did I mention we were out until 3am the night before for Psych?). By the end of the night our hair and makeup was a bit melty, but still in pretty good shape for running around the Con and dancing! We fell asleep almost immediately!

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