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Fiction: Ninjas Wanted – Apply Within (Chapter 2)

 Ninjas Wanted – Apply Within By Tabitha Grace Smith Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3             The next morning Charles rolled over at eight o’clock and, after remembering that he had nowhere to be, he promptly fell back asleep. For a couple months after he had first been laid off, Charles had been […]

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Fiction: Ninjas Wanted – Apply Within (Chapter 1)

Ninjas Wanted – Apply Within By Tabitha Grace Smith Chapter 1 Charles never thought he’d be the “search on Craigslist for a job” type. Up to this point Charles had been the ask a friend type, the walk in and submit your resume type, and the friend from college referred me type. Craigslist seemed to […]

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I’ve Always Depended on the Kindness of Strangers

If you ask pretty much anyone, I’m usually a pretty “up” person. I try to be positive whenever possible and it takes a lot of negative to make me feel negative. I attribute most of that to my faith and relationship with Jesus, because I can be terribly negative at my natural state of being. […]

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Will I Sing Hallelujah? Will I Be Able to Speak at All?

This past week a long-time friend of our family passed away. I’d known him since I was six, he was one of the elders of our church in Pico Rivera. He had a laugh that made you want to laugh with him. He loved his family (including his five grandchildren) and he loved God. It […]

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Friend Wanted: Apply Within

I was always a “weird” kid. I say, weird because I loved books and wore glasses. Anyone who has spent any time with kids knows that this insta-classifies‎ you as weird.  As a result my list of friends was usually short. Couple this with my extreme bossy nature and the list got even shorter. It […]

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Why I Fell Out of Love (and Back In Love) with How I Met Your Mother

How I Met Your Mother was the first sitcom I watched on purpose as an adult. I had been avoiding them because of the cheesy fakeness of the whole genre. I was never a fan of: “Oh I fell.. ha ha ha.” or “Oh, isn’t Generic Stereotypical Character so funny when they do the same […]

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fanTABZulous Episode #039 – Saturday Night Gaming

Gaming on a Saturday!

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