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Burned Bridges, Messy Divorces, and Ruined Relationships

Friends of mine are going through a “divorce.” I say it in quote marks because they’re not really married to each other, but it feels like a divorce. It’s business, it’s a relationship, it’s what some may see as a friendship.The end of a relationship that’s so heart-rending, so emotional, that it’s got enough baggage […]

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Fiction: Ninjas Wanted – Apply Within (Chapter 3)

Ninjas Wanted – Apply Within By Tabitha Grace Smith Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 Charles wasn’t sure what he was expecting when he entered the large glass office building. Whatever he was anticipating it wasn’t anything close to this. Yuri ushered him into a richly decorated lobby area. It was all dark woods and red […]

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What is “Home”, Really?

Home is kind of ubiquitous if you think about it. You can say “home” is your residence, or your parent’s house, or your favorite seat at Starbucks. Home for me is found in a lot of places. When your a kid who has had multiple homes in multiple locations it becomes less and less about […]

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