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On any given day…

Emotions are weird, aren’t they? On any given day you can go from extremely happy to extremely miserable in a heartbeat. And, most of the time, there’s no way to control it. Your head can say, “hey, what happened dude, we were so happy a minute ago” and your heart goes, “SHUT UP AND GIVE […]

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Do yourself a favor kid, take the train

I don’t drive. I know, gasp shocking. At least it’s shocking to most people in Los Angeles. “You don’t drive?” I swear I’m going to get a card printed to explain why I don’t drive. But this isn’t about driving. This is about commuting. I commute back and forth from the office on the days […]

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Sometimes, I turn my brain off…

Recently I got into a bit of a discussion on Facebook about not being hyper critical of TV shows while watching them. I mentioned that sometimes I turn my brain of when I watch TV or movies to enjoy them better. Several folks took issue with that, but I think it’s a fair choice on […]

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Humans are absorbent… and squishy

Last night I was catching up on my Colbert viewing (Hulu is a lifesaver because I don’t always have time to watch my favorite shows) and the whole “Santa is white” debacle was featured. It struck me the first time it came up as extremely stupid (and shades of racism), but now it kind of […]

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Why do you keep yelling about geek girls… because you keep being dumb.

Okay, so the title was meant to be a clever play on Joss’ Equality Now speech.  So, whatever if it didn’t quite work. Being a geek has traditionally been a more male-dominated subculture. It’s not bad or good — it just is. Genres like SciFi, Fantasy, and their ilk were traditional by men for men. […]

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I forget some times…

The other day I told a friend about the day as a kid that I realized, for the first time, that not everyone was a Christian. It kind of blew my mind. I say kind of, but really it really exploded my mind. It was as if before life was the tiny circle that revolved around […]

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Maybe You’re the Problem

My first experience with a comic book store was when one opened up next to our grocery store when I was still in elementary school. It was a magical place in my mind. Until then, I only thought of comic books as coming FROM grocery stores (remember those days guys?). The owner didn’t care that […]

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I was so alone… and I owe you so much.

I’ll be completely honest. I’m having a rough start to 2014. After a lovely holiday with family and time off from work — I’m struggling to stay hopeful. I usually keep quiet when I’m struggling – maybe talk to some friends, but Nutty got me thinking about how people are usually positive in social media […]

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