On any given day…

Emotions are weird, aren’t they? On any given day you can go from extremely happy to extremely miserable in a heartbeat. And, most of the time, there’s no way to control it. Your head can say, “hey, what happened dude, we were so happy a minute ago” and your heart goes, “SHUT UP AND GIVE ME ICE CREAM!”

It’s weird.

There’s usually very few things logical about our emotions. Sometimes the same situation that I got through perfectly the day before, makes me teary eyed the next day. Of course, some of that is biological. But a lot of it? A lot of it is just weird.

That’s why I can never understand the people who just go “buck up” to someone who is depressed. That’s like saying, “hey you’re really thirsty right now – just give over it.” Only, it’s kind of worse because we know how to fix the “thirsty” problem. Sometimes with depression it takes lots of different solutions. And sometimes, even when we try all the solutions – it just doesn’t work.

I believe in laughing. I laugh easily and a lot. Just ask my friends. Or anyone who listens to my podcasts. I find funny in nearly everything. I still laugh at jokes on kid’s shows that I see coming a mile away.

That said, I get depressed. I get frustrated. I get cranky. And on any given day, I get all of the above.

It’s weird.

There’s some tricks that work for me, of course, to turn around my moods. One of them is writing things down. I’m a writer – it makes sense. The physical act of writing down things I’m grateful for, helps.

Telling people thank you helps. Don’t believe me? It’s science. Watch this:

Hot baths, help. Especially with a lot of bubbles.

My cat helps. I remember a really bad depression I had when I was still living in Chicago. I was curled up on the couch and not wanting to move. Myboyfriend (who wasn’t a cuddly cat at all) came over and laid on my lap – one of the very rare times he did. Picked up my mood immediately.

Recognizing my mood helps. Though, I’ll admit this is the HARDEST thing to do sometimes. I mean it’s hard to say, “you’re being pretty cranky now, you know that, Tabz?”

Funny movies/TV helps. I’ve now designated the second episode of Sherlock as my go-to mood buster. If you haven’t seen it yet, don’t worry – you’ll soon know why.

Music helps. Sometimes I need a couple EVERYTHING IS AWFUL songs… then switch it to something that makes me happy. Music is food for your soul, so what you listen to matters.

Prayer helps. It’s pretty amazing to think that God cares about every mood I have, and he does. I believe in a personal relationship with God, so I believe in a personal God.

BFF’s help. And sometimes complete strangers who can tell you you’re being ridiculous help.

Sunlight helps. Part of the reason I moved away from Chicago was I had bad cases of SADD.

Being silly helps. There’s something about doing something completely random and off-the-wall silly that totally changes your mood. Color a picture, leave notes all over the house for someone else, kiss your significant other for no good reason. Silly = endorphins = happy.

You know what doesn’t help? Overeating, over shopping, over reacting.

But you know that, so I won’t soapbox it. I know it too.

You know, when I started this blog post I had no idea I’d go this much into feelings. It feels pretty good.

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  1. Posted January 20, 2014 at 5:24 am | Permalink

    I agree about the writing. And the silly. Silly is good.

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