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Don’t believe every stupid thought in your head…

Depression and your brain are the worst. They really are. I’ve been thinking about it a lot because I know so many people who struggle with it. And we don’t talk about it nearly enough as a society. Regardless of a lot of strives we’ve made as a community in accepting each other’s flaws – […]

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Day 13 – Your Favorite Villain

This is a harder one. While I love The Master and the Daleks and a lot of Doctor Who villains, it’s really hard to come up with a favorite. I had to Google “Doctor Who villains” to come up with some ideas. Finally I had to settle on Mr. Finch. Okay, so added points that […]

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Day 12 – Whatever Tickles Your Fancy

I’ve been addicted to Audible for a couple months now and loving all the Doctor Who content on there. So I thought for this I’d point out some of my favorites. Nothing O’Clock by Neil Gaiman I mean, just the fact that it’s by Neil Gaiman should make it an insta-buy. The story revolves around a […]

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Day 11 – Your Favorite Season (Classic or New)

It’s kind of hard to pin point this one. The one that I find myself rewatching a lot is Season 6. It has one of my favorite Doctor Who episodes in it (“The Doctor’s Wife”) and I really love “Closing Time” with Craig and the baby Stormy. I always get chills when I watch “A […]

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Day 10 – A Who-Related Photo That You Took

So technically I didn’t take this picture, but I’m in it so it should count. Here’s me before we headed out to see the 50th Anniversary special at the theater.

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Day 09 – A Who-Related Photo That Makes You Angry/Sad

I realized that I never finished this meme and I really should because of how much I love Doctor Who. So, here it is *mumblemumbletwoyearslatermumble* and I’m finishing it. Today’s prompt is a Who-Related Photo that makes you angry/sad. There aren’t a lot that make me angry, but man there’s a boat load that make […]

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The power of good people… and geeks.

I believe in the power of doing good. I believe that’s why we’re put on the earth. If you’re not doing something good, then what’s the point? Life is just consumerism and sadness. Today showed me how great people can be… really great, when they’re 100% uncaring of who knows. But I get ahead of […]

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