My book, Rise of the Undead – available on Nook & Kindle!


My book, The Rise of the Undead is now available for Nook! or for Kindle here: for only $1.99!

This book is based on my MFA thesis and goes through the transformation of vampires from monsters to heroes. I talk about vampires from Dracula, Lost Boys, Anne Rice, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and everything in between. If you love pop culture and vampires, this just for you!

Here’s the description on Kindle & Nook:

In the lineup of supernatural monsters, vampires stand apart for their prestige. They’re charming, disarming, and chillingly similar to humans. The vampire legend we know today was birthed out of a mix of primitive beliefs, European folklore, and Roman Catholic influences. The vampire myth has survived for over a millennia, but only recently has the vampire turned from monster to be feared into a hero to be praised. This short book looks at the transition in pop culture from “Dracula” to “True Blood” and how the vampire character has changed over the years from disfigured monster to the heroine’s boyfriend.

Big huge thanks to my mentor Becky Bradway for helping me through the thesis process.
To Dan Shaurette and Kim Butler for being consultants.
To Jenn Welter and Jeff Narucki for their edits.
And to the huge amount of you who helped buy me vampire books when I was doing my thesis! I can’t remember all of you right now… you all rock!

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