Merry Christmas 2016 – Tabz’s Christmas Letter


Dear family and friends,

I can’t believe it’s already time to post something like this. It feels like just yesterday it was Christmas. Or at least a couple months ago. 2015 has been a year of immense change. Not all of it happy, but it’s been an amazing journey.

Last year at this time, my friend of five years, Henry, told me that he liked me as more than just a friend. We had met online and 2015 started our courtship.


We met in person for the first time in March while I was working at Wizard World Las Vegas convention. We had an amazing time together (catching moments between me working a convention)! He took me on my first official date to see the Cirque du Soleil  show, Mystère.


Henry is kind, a bit more reserved than I am, thoughtful, and an amazing partner. He lives in Baltimore with his six year old son “Z.” God has blessed me enough to visit there three times this year (my third trip will be over Christmas day and New Year’s Day). I have a blast with both of my boys while I’m out there. Z is amazingly curious, gentle, and creative. He and I have had more than one sword fight and I’m looking to a lot more.

In September, Henry was able to come out to California and he gave me a promise ring, a symbol of our commitment to each other.


In November, I was able to visit for my birthday and was surprised when Henry proposed! You can see all about it on the Smithsonian National Museum of American History’s FB page here. We’ve set the date as March 19th in Pico Rivera, CA.


A lot of other cool things happened this year too. I got a contract job working for CONtv, so got to do a a lot of fun geek stuff. I made some amazing friends there too. It was one of the most fun offices I’ve worked in. My parents and I got to go to the Puente Hills Mall (aka where they filmed Back to the Future) for Back to the Future Day!


Then, after nearly six years of working part-time jobs or contract jobs, I finally got a full-time job. It’s a fantastic social media agency and I work on FOX TV accounts. I’m really enjoying it and hope to continue after the wedding.

This summer, BFF Kim and I went back to San Diego Comic-Con. It’s one of my favorite times of the year. This year we got to hang out with our friend Robin Hudson as well! It’s awesome to think these ladies have been my friends for over 8 years.

I got to go to Wizard World Chicago as well, and was able to meet up with my old Moody friends Jen and Mark. As well as my beloved friend Wanda! It was so great to catch up on friendships that have been around for a very long time.

I also attended Stan Lee’s Comikaze, CatCon and Gallifrey One. Can you tell I love conventions?


I also attended three red carpets. One for Sharkando 3, one for Minecraft: Story Mode and one for Attack on Titan.11267528_10154095466700616_4717590068762100335_n12079195_10154272892035616_1404505199743385675_n

In January, I lost my beloved Grandpa “Crampa” – Bill Copeland. It was a hard time as he kept being told he was going to recover, that he was dying, and that he’d recover (on a daily basis). My parents and I got to spend a lot of time with him in the hospital which I’m very grateful.

One of the great things was I got to see my whole family in one place for his funeral. Including my cousin Sydney which I had never met in person before!


I miss Crampa a lot. He was always full of love and great stories. I’m grateful for his impact in my life.

After quite a few years of feeling stuck in a circle of waiting for God’s plan, I’m extremely happy that 2016 seems to be the start to a grand, great adventure. I hope to see you sometime in the new year and we can celebrate and laugh together. If not, know that you mean a lot to me and I think of each of you often.

Merry Christmas!



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    I’m so happy to see you so happy

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